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NEW:This Site Has Moved!

February 4, 2010

Please redirect your links, bookmarks, and web browsers to my new site: Spread the word!

New Blog/Site Coming…

February 2, 2010

This week we’ll be releasing a new blog/site that combines my writing from Creation Project, Church Planting Novice, and other resources. The hope is that we can provide a central, well-organized location for all my writings and resources on Gospel & Culture and Missional Church. I’m excited about it.

John Chandler of Strange Idea Labs has been working with me to create this new site. When the site goes live, can you help me by correcting all your links, feeds, etc. so that the new site can build back its ranking? Unfortunately, I’ll loose some of that Google ranking, which has been so helpful in getting these resources out to people. Your help will be appreciated!

6 Tips for Talking to God

February 2, 2010

HERE also check out Winfield Bevins’ series of posts on Prayer & Fasting

Music Deals / Vampire Weekend $5

February 1, 2010

Some of my best music influences are PASTE, Luke Dodson, and Steve McCoy. Steve’s resource rich blog always points to great music deals on Mondays. If you hurry, you can get some amazing albums for $5 today only! He highlights:

Stream Midlake’s new Courage of Others

January 30, 2010

You can stream the new Midlake album for free at NPR. Thanks guys!


Alpha Rev’s “New Morning”

January 29, 2010

You are Cool if you are Missional

January 29, 2010
You are cool because you are “missional”. It’s true. Face it. Forget the “mega”churches, the “seeker-sensitive” people, and those darn “prosperity” guys. They are all wrong.First of all, they are not at all “organic” and cannot hang with our beards, pipes, and brews. They obviously didn’t read “Total Church” or “Tangible Kingdom”, know nothing of church plants or gospel rhythms, and they most certainly are not “in the city for the city“. Nope. We are.
In celebration of our collective coolness I propose we play a game called “Put your hand in the air, and if any of the statements below are true of you, put it down”.

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