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Donald Miller: Christians, Be Better Storytellers!

June 1, 2007

Speaking at a recent conference, Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and other books said:

“Propositional truths, when extracted from a narrative context, lack meaning. “The chief role of a Christian,” he says, “is to tell a better story.”

Agree or disagree? How has Miller’s writing affected you?

Whole article here.

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  1. June 3, 2007 11:10 am

    I agree with Miller if he means telling the story of God’s Drama of Redemption and how are lives fit play a part in that story. (And I’m quite sure he does!) But in some of the circles of the emerging/ent church that I’ve had discussions with, the focus on ‘story’ doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t reach into the richness of the unfolding drama of Scripture. If we’re telling our story, it has to always be seen from the perspective of how our story is part of God’s story, and never vice versa.

    That said, I’m not an avid Miller reader, but only because I haven’t made the time. I admire how he get’s me to think deeply about what I normally assume I have all figured out.

    Funny, you ask. I actually used a quote from Blue Like Jazz in our bulletin: “The most difficult lie I’ve ever contended with is that life is a story about me.”

  2. sam permalink
    June 10, 2007 4:22 pm

    disagree, partially. propositional truths, when extracted from a narrative, still retain their original meaning, although the meaning will be unclear to those who believe less in truths than in situationally acceptable guidelines.

    miller is speaking to a postmodern generation who wants less black/white morality and decision-making guidelines, so his statement does work well to those of us trying to describe Christianity to our peers (the younger, seeking generation).

    but ultimately, the propositional truths of Christianity still retain their value and meaning, although context and story do enhance comprehension and understanding. the truths of Christianity have, as their context, life and the universe…what other story is not included in that? but a postmodern generation may not relate well to life in this universe as a whole, only to that slice of reality that rotates around each seeker.

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