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How Much Do the Transformers Transform?

July 2, 2007

“…in 1986, the original Prime did something that distinguished him from most other cartoon heroes. He died. He died for freedom, for righteousness”. Brown goes on to assert that American culture – American males – are looking forward to the July 4th release of the “live-action” Transformers movie for “more than galvanic summer thrills or simple nostalgia. They’re looking for redemption, as men.”

See the whole article here.

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  1. Chris permalink
    July 2, 2007 1:25 pm

    I think the article illuminates a dark progression of our culture as a whole. Point back in time to his “Will Smith” reference. Ten years ago it was INDEPENDENCE DAY now it is TRANSFORMERS. Aliens to machines.

    It is a dangerous and ABSENT culture we live in. Self absorbed and at the same time systematically detached.

    We find our children and ourselves predominantly ILL EQUIPPED to deal with OTHER people in relationships ( Divorce rate, crime rate, etc) let alone come to terms with the humilty needed to have a relationship and ACCEPTANCE with our Creator and His Son our Saviour.

    I believe the social structure of this disconnect is A MAJOR HURDLE for most, particularly the undereducated.

    My only hope, which I have discovered this week, is to spread the message of The Gospel in ANY way, direct or indirect that you can.

    Echoing back to previous posts, WE are in a spirtual war and WE must fight the good fight of faith.

  2. July 2, 2007 1:45 pm

    Amen! Interesting progression from aliens to machines, a chronological reversal of postmodernism and modernism, though not by design.

    Could you expand on your comment about the undereducated having a particular obstacle?

  3. Chris permalink
    July 2, 2007 3:11 pm

    I feel, through second hand testimony of Bestsy and her second grade class in a VERY poor inner city neighborhood in PGH, PA, that poor kids today are so handicapped.

    These children predominantly have no father at home and the Father not in their life.

    They have a childs natural curiousity but it is fed by video games, tv, etc. This paralyzes their attention span and discipline needed to gain the blessing of critical thinking and therefore discernment.

    I forsee a generation of indulgent, impulse driven, self absorbed, feel good FOR ME children.

    Betsy tries but she is more “cop” than teacher but I am astounded by her resolve and genuine love for her class.

    She tries to impart Biblical values but teachers through regulations are “handcuffed” by what they may say or do. She is not even allowed to display a cross necklace while at school.

    It is a near impossible struggle to compete with the sugary mass media with real food. Know what I mean?

  4. sam permalink
    July 5, 2007 11:13 am

    non sequitur comment? the referenced article doesn’t say anything about a second grade class.

    i find the transformers narrative relatively decent escapist fiction, as i happened to grow up with them. i was not a fan of the autobots cursing and lubricating on a temporarily defeated opponent…that seemed far below them. but that, and other incidents in the movie, does serve to illustrate parallels in behavior between their fictional sentient race and humanity. (did you notice the “original nature” of the allspark’s new creations? oh yes, there’s fodder for thought there.)

    if transformers are part of a dark progression, it’s a progression that’s working backwards, since as far as i can tell, you can find many more worse movies than transformers to view.

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