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Freedom and Captivity

July 4, 2007

BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, has been freed from the Army of Islam in the Gaza Strip. Johnston had been in captivity for 114 days, during which he was harassed, isolated, interrogated, forced to produce false videos, and chained by hand and foot for 24 hours. Describing the angst of being captive, Alan said: “I literally dreamt many times of being free, and always woke up back in that room.”

Can you imagine having to dream of freedom? How ironic that Johnston gained his freedom on July 4th, America’s holiday celebrating our freedom from British rule. Not to diminish Johnston’s liberation, but what of the countless sexual, political, military, and spiritual captives who are still bound to dream of freedom? If you could offer freedom to someone held by extreme terrorists would you? Of course you would…but what of those around us that are oppressed, captive to spiritual terrorists?

There are people all around us living in captivity. People who walk the streets, go to movies, and live next door, people who live in a matrix of unbelief, bound in the spiritual room of their sin. Some of them pine for freedom, not knowing what they long for is spiritual liberation. Others need to be awakened to their need and the red-level threat of terror.

Ought we not engage in a gospel of freedom, that liberates body and soul, renewing the whole of life? Of all people, shouldn’t the followers of the One who “preaches liberty to the captives and sets the prisoners free” be engaged in setting people free from physical and spiritual bondage?

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  1. toodus permalink
    July 4, 2007 12:40 pm

    This is a great reflection for today my friend. Thanks for challenging me!

  2. Sara permalink
    July 4, 2007 1:03 pm


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