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Personal Repentance and Blog Redirection

September 1, 2007

This morning I repented for not repenting. Not a day goes by that I seek acceptance from others or reliance on myself, instead of relishing God in Christ. And too many days go by before I confess this to God who is for me, not against me. I am, as Lewis said, far too easily satisfied. It was Luther that said all of life is repentance, a man who was profoundly acquainted with the depths of God’s grace.

Read no morbid legalism into this confession. I am humbly aware that forgiveness and acceptance from God does not hinge upon the purity and thoroughness of our repentance, but upon the purity and thoroughness of Christ’s atonement for our sins.

With repentance comes redirection of our affections and actions. While on the topic of redirection, I have another confession. This redirection is somewhat milder, and not an issue of sin.

For some weeks now, I have been bothered by the direction of my blog. I have slowly but steadily departed from the vision of my blog, which is summarily stated under the What is Creation Project tab: “Through nature and nanotechnology, science and sport, math and media, art and all things profane, run the two interweaving threads of human purpose and divine drama. A wondrously complex project which has departed from its model, but not from its blueprint, creation and its cultures are destined for perfection. The beginning can only be understood from the end, and the end is a new beginning.

My blog posts have been increasingly churchy and decreasing in cultural savvy. Don’t get me wrong; there is a place for “churchy” Christian blogs, but my original intent in starting this thing was not to become an advertisement for all things Christian. Instead, I value the harder work of theological integration, reflection upon various aspects of culture in an attempt to trace the human and divine threads, producing a discerning discipleship. So, I will be redirecting my writing in an attempt to redemptively engage culture. No claims at perfection or even proficiency here. Theological integration and redemptive discipleship are hard. I may shift some of my church and church planting reflections to another blog, though time will likely not permit that.

If you are still reading, thanks for your patience in my repentance and redirection.

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  1. Ross permalink
    September 2, 2007 7:47 pm

    I look forward to the redirected content.

  2. September 2, 2007 10:30 pm

    Thanks for your humility and honesty and yes, I’ll still be reading. :)

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