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Supercaptialism and the Soul of the City

November 23, 2007

Richard Florida recently pointed to Judy Judt’s review of Robert Reicht’s new book Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life. In this review she warns of the overconfidence that has historically accompanied successful capitalist societies. With surges of economic growth and national peace, cities can become complacent about social needs. She points out that: “The wealth gap in the US is now at its widest since 1929: in 2005, 21.2 percent of US national income accrued to just 1 percent of earners.”

Is Judt overstating the case in her review of Supercapitalism? If not, given this general urban complacency, how should we respond? What is the future of the soul of our cities?

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