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Too Much Information?

May 2, 2008

Ben Bartlett over at Christ and Pop culture has pleasantly summarized an article by Frank Bures called “Way, Way Too Much Information.” The thesis of his article is that writing and creativity is stifled by our gluttonous intake of information. In the frenetic click till you stick pace of online reading, we frequently abandon slow, creative, careful reflection. How can we get on a better diet, one that promotes creative health in all spheres of life?

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  1. richard t. permalink
    May 3, 2008 11:05 am

    Thank you, JD, for this post (I could not get the full article to come up). However, while reading Bartlett’s piece, I certainly resonated with his observations and am encouraged to know that I am not the only one struggling with this tendency. I have considered it a great deal recently (in between filling my mind with other masses of information). It seems to me that having some “down time” (a Sabbath) from all of this is essential for not only personal creativity as he discusses; but, for me anyway, just to reflect upon my own life, choices, prayers, emotional issues, vision for myself and my family, etc. So, the only thing I know to do is attempt to establish personal boundaries in this area; but, then I struggle with not “accomplishing” (productivity) what I “should be” in various realms. I am finding that my own insidious sense of perfectionism leads to feelings of discouragement and stress. I find that being conscious of this “daily”; and submitting my time, day, etc. to God is essential for me. Also, repenting of my own envy of others who seem to be “more productive” and my unrealistic demands of myself and others is crucial for me. “All things are acceptable, but not all things are profitable…” I’m “in process”. Peace to you & thanks.

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