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Pimping Einstein for God

May 15, 2008

Much has been made of the recent letter from Einstein to Eric Gutkind regarding his dismissal of the Bible and the God of the Bible. Atheists and Christians alike have pimped Einstein for their faith agendas–belief in God or belief in no God. Al Mohler cuts through the pimping with a level-headed review of the letter and its implications for all believers, theist or a-theist. He remarks:

The emergence of the letter from Albert Einstein to Eric Gutkind goes a long way toward setting the record straight. Evangelical Christians are prone to over-excitement when any famous person, living or dead, is claimed as a believer in God. This is not an attractive habit, and it often leads to intellectual embarrassment. The truth of the Gospel and the reality of the self-revealing God are not enhanced by vague expressions of a non-theistic spirituality or a sense of nothing more than an inexplicable sense of meaning in the cosmos. (more)

Ironically, Einstein showed us more about God through his Physics than his Theology. In this regard, we could say that God pimped Einstein for God…but that would be inflammatory. God did not pimp Einstein; he gave him an incredible intellectual capacity and personal discovery that warranted belief in God. These gifts have illuminated Science and humanity in marvelous ways. Yet, despite these gifts Einstein’s mind and heart remained fallen, in need of spiritual awakening to embrace the God who is there. To know God is a gift, one that can only be received by asking in faith.

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  1. May 16, 2008 12:17 pm

    Nice post!
    Thanks for sharing the Mohler quote. Very true.

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