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Exalting the City

June 18, 2008

It is surprising, for example, to discover the way God teaches us to think about the impact of the church on the unbelieving world around her. In the New Testament, of course, we know that people are saved, become part of a local fellowship, learn to worship the Lord and to grow in Him, and then work together to seek the kingdom of God and pursue holiness in the fear of the Lord. But, apart from local citizens who become followers of Christ, the cities which host New Testament churches can seem, at times, unappreciative, if not outright hostile. That is a true picture, to be sure; but it is not the whole picture, at least not as the Old Testament counsels us to think about and plan for the impact of the communities of righteousness, peace, and joy on the cities that host them.

Continue reading T. M. Moore’s article here.

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