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Who’s the Champion? Bolt, Lolo, or Ara Abrahamain

August 21, 2008

Over the past two weeks, the 2008 Olympics have evoked a myriad of responses-awe, arrogance,joy, sadness, disappointment, anger, consternation, humility, and relief. In the throws of global athletic competition, Olympians have experienced victory and defeat, demonstrating a variety of responses. Consider the polarized responses to Usain Bolt’s effusive celebration upon breaking the 100 M world record and winning the gold. Olympic Boss, Jacques Rogge, rebuked Bolt’s celebration calling it “disrespectful.” He commented: “That’s not the way we perceive being a champion.” However, other athletes didn’t seem to be bothered by his joy-filled celebration. American silver medalist Shawn Crawford told reporters: “I love watching him when he does his thing.” Some see pride where others see childlike joy.

Opinions aside, it is interesting that Rogge’s comment implies there is more than gold to being a champion. Commenting on Lolo Jones’ loss in the 100 M hurdles, Philip Hersh of the LA Times said: “A champion is the class of the field. No one in these Olympics has shown any more class than Lolo Jones.” Put Ara Abrahamain’s de-medaling behavior next to Lolo and we get quite a contrast of competitors. Then consider the high percentage of Olympians who go on to struggle with drug addiction and vocational stability because their identity was so grounded in being an Olympian. Who are the real champions? What gives?

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  1. Chris in Seattle permalink
    August 21, 2008 1:50 pm

    Dittos, and uber kudos to Usain Bolt. I hope he will ignore Rogge’s comments and keep on doing his thing.

  2. ChrisC permalink
    August 22, 2008 12:29 pm

    Interesting question in what makes a Champion?

    usain Bolt is a young man of tremendous discipline and God blessed ability. Why begrudge him is celebration/joy in this fact.

    What is not mentioned, sadly, is that part of his pre race “hotdogging” is that his final “gesture” before settling into the blocks for the start is to cross himself, point heavenly say a silent Thank You.

    Let him celebrate his greatness. He is God’s fastest recorded runner EVER. Let him show joy.

    I am wary that along with every earthly accomplishment//accolade it does open the door to Satan who lies in wait for Pride, Selfishness to soil God’s creation in USain Bolt.

    My prayer is that he is strong and has the discernment to stay grounded and not succumb to the pressures of Satan that he will and is facing following this performance.

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