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My Reading List Updated

December 8, 2008

Here are a few books that I am reading and/or recently purchased.

Signs of the Spirit is a very helpful guide to Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections. Reading Edwards is difficult but worth the struggle. Sam Storms eases the struggle and promotes the strength of Edwards theology by following Edwards closely in order to identify true, authentic Christian spirituality.

Rosner is a great biblical theologian and tackles a very important topic–greed and idolatry. Greed and Idolatry is a timely, biblically rigorous treatment of texts that address greed that offers a poignant diagnosis and  biblical alternative.

A have a nasty habit of buying anything on Colossians. I used Dunn’s commentary quite a bit in my Th.M research in Colossians. Dunn offers some great technical and historical insights.

I read a couple chapters a while back and was generally impressed. There are so many shoddy books on “engaging culture.” Staub dropped a comment on my blog to say that I was reading him right!

n + 1 is a stimulating journal that combines creative, thoughtful writing on a wide array of topics. I have been a subscriber from thier second year of publication.

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  1. December 8, 2008 8:14 pm

    Thanks for the list…you have a link for n+1?

  2. December 8, 2008 8:49 pm

    updated it, also here:

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