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Makoto Fujimara: Why Art?

January 22, 2009

Makoto Fujimara is a remarkably thoughtful and accomplished artist, an all-too-rare blend of artist meets theologian. He describes his medium as follows: “In my studio, I use ground minerals such as malachite and azurite, layering them to create prismatic refractions, or ‘visual jazz.’ Via my art I hope to create a mediated reality of beauty, hope, and reconciled relationships and cultures.” His forthcoming book Refractions explores the meaning of Art.

In this article, Fujimara explores the reasons humans are prone to create art. Although art is justifiable for economic, social, and scientific reasons, Fujimara insists there is a deeper reason for art. He writes:

Art is a building block of civilization. A civilization that does not value its artistic expressions is a civilization that does not value itself. These tangible artistic expressions help us to understand ourselves. The arts teach us to respect both the diversity of our communities and the strength of our traditions. I encourage people not to segment art into an “extra” sphere of life or to see art as mere decorations. Why? Because art is everywhere and has already taken root in our lives. Therefore, the question is not so much “why art?” but “which art?”

Read the rest.

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