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Meditate on the Resurrection

April 9, 2009

This Easter season I have been stirred by the reflective writing of Alister McGrath. As a historical and systematic theologian, McGrath is known for his academic works and the recent Dawkins Delusion. However, his Resurrection (Truth and Imagination) carries a more devotional flavor. Retaining his ability to stimulate the intellect, McGrath devotionally pushes our imagination through his reflections on the resurrection of Jesus. After an extended essay on Jewish notions of the resurrection, Mary’s encounter with Jesus, and the artwork of Maurice Denis, McGrath concludes:

The meaning of the resurrection is existential, not just cognitive. Or, to put it in plain English, the resurrection of Christ does not merely open up fresh ways of thinking; it opens up different ways of existing and living.

So often we are caught up with rational arguments for or against the resurrection. Take some time this week to ponder the implications of the resurrection. Meditate on the resurrection. How does Jesus’ getting a new body, escaping death, and ascending to heaven change everyday living? How can it open fresh ways of living?

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