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Deacon Installment

June 2, 2009

On Sunday, we installed the first deacons of Austin City Life, 5 months after they completed training! We introduced our deacons as lead servants who have demonstrated a commitment to the character, theology, and service of deacon. It was a sweet time to reflect on the gospel growth in our church and to celebrate our deacons commitment.

As I introduced each person, I asked them the following question: “Do you pledge, by God’s grace, to serve this church with the character, faith, and service fitting of a deacon? If so, say ‘I do’”. This question simultaneously calls each person to sober commitment and to God’s all-sufficient grace in serving the church. I am thrilled to have such fine deacons dedicated to the good of our church, the good of the city, and the glory of God! Here is our list of deacons.

  • Haydn Schwedland
  • Tiffany Schwedland
  • David & Faye Cummings
  • Luke Dodson
  • Miranda Dodson
  • Geoff Whitmore
  • Jordan Whitmore
  • Nate Navarro
  • Megan Dodson
  • Steve Cota
  • Robie Dodson

Please pray for them. They are carrying a lot of responsibility. Here are the Deacon Resources we used and developed along the way. The newest contribution is the manuscript and outline of what I said during the installment.

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  1. spiritualway permalink
    June 2, 2009 2:53 pm

    Blessings on your church and your ministry. You install women as deacons. Women played powerful roles in Jesus’ ministry on earth. I can only hope my faith tradition will someday see this and remove women’s second-class status.

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