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Uganda – Poverty in the City

July 25, 2009

This blog post is by Amy Scott, an ACL mission team member and Austin school teacher.

I am a city girl through and through this is what intially struck me as we were headed back into the capitol city of Kampala. My team was like you are so giddy and I was. Its not just the indoor bathroom and shower that thrilled me but all the sights and sounds of the city.

Kampala is a city of dichotomy. We went to a really nice, almost Americanized coffee shop for lunch where we surrounded by business people and other Westerners in suits.  Then that  evening we were headed into the slums to preach at a church. You go from poverty of spirit to true poverty in a matter of minutes, and the thing is every single person needs the transforming truth of the gospel.

I am continously struck by own desperate need for the truth of the gospel to penetrate my heart and compel me to share that truth with others. Why do I deny people an opportunity to hear of a Jesus who loves and redeems us from the pit?

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