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How to Help Your Pastor

September 6, 2009

I appreciate it when others write about how to help pastors. It’s a rare topic. I really like the four points listed by John Catanzaro in his series “Healthy Pastors.” Please consider these for the pastoral leaders in Austin City Life. It’s a good list to keep in mind for your City Group leaders.

  • Understand. The first way to help your pastor is to develop understanding and sensitivity to the stress and demands of a pastor’s work.
  • Pray. Secondly, pray for your pastor. A very active prayer ministry to support the pastors in their evangelical work is fundamental to the health of pastors and the church at large.
  • Grow. Thirdly, mature in the faith. Grow and work to preserve the work of God in your sphere. Do not contribute to confusion, gossip and bitter attitudes. Get involved in action, service, and financial contribution, which are all vital to the health of the Christian mission of proclaiming Christ in your community and the world.
  • Lead. Finally, faith in action is serving others above what you want in support of the ministry of the church. Don’t just get involved in ministry; actively work with the leadership to provide healthy momentum in ministry and to become a personal preacher of the ways of Christ!

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  1. Pressingon permalink
    September 6, 2009 5:22 pm

    This is a great post….and I agree quite rare. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on serving and encouraging our Pastors….although I am extra blessed my Pastors are family which makes it extra nice :) But good call. Blessings Philippa

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