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DMin in Bible Translation at GCTS

September 18, 2009

Gordon Conwell is starting a new Doctorate of Ministry degree in Bible Translation. The track is being led by the eminently capable Dr. Roy Ciampa. His knowledge of original languages, grammar, syntax, and translation is remarkable. On top of all that, he’s just a nice guy, nice and demanding!

I had the privilege of learning Greek and Galatians under Ciampa. His dissertation on Galatians is incredibly insightful. Ciampa’s publications include:

He’s also working on the 1 Corinthians Pillar Commentary Series (a great series) right now, and will release an essay on Abraham and Empire for a Festschrift soon.

Read his recent devotional reflection on the concept of translation. An excerpt:

We tend to be such imperfect translations of Christ (or perhaps I should just speak for myself) that it is very easy for other people to get the wrong message, to get the wrong idea about who Christ is and what he is all about. By God’s grace and the power of his Spirit, may the world recognize Christ’s people to be (imperfect but) adequate translations through which they may come to know his truth, love, grace and righteousness, giving praise and recognition not to the translation itself, but to the One who has provided such a translation so that he might be known (cf. Matt 5:16).

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