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Working to Renew the City

January 11, 2010

The topic of work is all to often absent from church pulpits and Christian conversations. Yet it’s where we spent most of our time apart from our beds. To ignore the Christian perspective on Work is to fail in discipling the church and living on mission.

On Sunday we began the conversation about how Christians can work to renew the city. How can we work in such a way that we bring renewal to 0ur city? Consider the following three areas and read or hear more about them here.

  • Make Good Culture
  • Redeem Social Ill
  • Share a Whole Gospel

How the Gospel Works at Work

The real challenge is to work these ways out in the context of your own workplace. City Group discussions will be helpful. In addition, I wanted to offer some practical resources from The High Calling, a great resource on all things Faith & Work. Here are a few of my contributions.

Later this week I will be blogging on Work Resources for particular city domains, i.e. Business, Technology, Arts, Social Services, and so on. Check back for more resources to work for the city!


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