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What is Creation Project?

Welcome to creation project, well, you are actually already a part of the creation project–the purposeful unfolding of the world as we know it, from beginning to end. Perhaps you are thinking, how do we know this world is purposeful? And who says there is a beginning and an end (The Wachoswski brothers [read=The Matrix] certainly do)?

It is precisely these kind of questions that this blog explores. I, in fact, believe that there was a beginning to the world, to the universe(s), and that even the primordial soup has its origins in the hands of a purposeful Creator. As a result, the world is shot through with meaning and you are not an accident. Knowledge is not merely the product of evolutionary self-enlightenment, nor our existence a cosmic joke.

What can offer such humble confidence? The triune Creator God. Through nature and nanotechnology, science and sport, math and media, art and all things profane, run the two interweaving threads of human purpose and divine drama. A wondrously complex project which has departed from its model, but not from its blueprint, creation and its cultures are destined for perfection. The beginning can only be understood from the end, and the end is a new beginning.

I invite you to join me a search for understanding and redemption, of peoples and cultures, because of the promise of a better ending to this project than beginning, because of the new creation hope offered to all who seek the Creator.

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