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Faith & Work

Working and Growing Backwards >

Periods of reflection and prayer will be important.


What To Do With Vocational Honors? >

Does God laugh at our longing for honor and wealth and relationships?


Community and the Cubicle >

By 2000, forty million American white-collar employees were using the cubicle.


Confusing Vocation with Identity >

I raced through ten days crammed with work—four plane trips, two long distance drives, intense networking and research.


Working Theologically: What We Do or How We Do It? >

Does God really care whether we install urinals or pacemakers?


In the Workplace, But Not of It >

From the daily grind to unethical demands, Christians struggle to honor God at work.

Missional & Culture

Redefining Culture & Engagementwhat is culture and how are we engaging it?

v.Culture,” Six Ways to Engage culture

“Pulp Fiction Faith or Universal Faith?,” what kind of faith does God give?

The Gospel According to Brian McLaren” – how not to read the Bible like McLaren

Listen to the Lost: Inverted Evangelismgood evangelism is listening well

Simplified Missional Living – 8 ways to easily be missional


“Fight Club” how to fight the fight of faith

Failed Disciplediscipleship is bottom up, not top down

Anger: The Image of Satan” – how be angry and not sin

How Do We Pray When We Suffer? – is it okay to moan to God?

How Should We Then Work?How can work be worship?

Missional Discipleship: Reinterpreting the Great Commissions a fresh perspective on old commands

“Accountablity Groups,” how to avoid legalism and license in accountability groups

“Mere Accountability” (concise version of article above )


Stop Going to Church – What do you do when you like Jesus but not the church?

The Three Conversions – The Gospel converts us not once but three times.

Gospel-centered Communityif community is your focus, you will have bad community

Too Mature for Community? – why you should be in community, even if you are a strong Christiani

Community and the Cubicle – how Christians can create better communities at work

Church Planting

Hate the City, Love the CityActs 29

“How Missional is Your Church?: Keeping the Global in MissionalActs 29

See my other blog Church Planting Novice

Marriage & Family

“First Year Off” (of marriage) Boundless

“Imagine Your ChildrenBoundless

“Becoming A Parent: Facing Your Fears and FrustrationsAMFM

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